Bad Days Are Inevitable


Days aren’t always the brightest, days come like the weather, sometimes you have sunny days or sometimes stormy ones.  It’s safe to say that by now, if you can read this, you’ve probably had bad days.  It doesn’t have to be more than one though, in my opinion.  It could start off from your morning, such as having not gotten enough sleep from the previous night.  Perhaps the barista at Starbucks gave you the wrong order and you’re in a rush to work or class or whatever the case might be.  These little events can sometimes set our mood from the very instant that they happen.  You’re in your car angry because you asked for cream and sugar and what you got was absolute black coffee.  You go on through your day and in your mind, you’re already stressed and the agitation is built up that any subsequent, maybe, minuscule event can raise the steam levels already there.

On the other hand, a bad day might entail sadness.  Some occurrence happens that riles you up inside negatively and life just seems like a dull and pointless thing to worry about at the moment.  You get news of perhaps being laid off, a bad grade in a class,  or maybe someone you like blows you off.  Regardless, at that very moment,  you’re not going to be waving your hands in excitement.

This does more than just enrage or make us gloomy from the whole day on.  Our energy levels are haywire and our focus just isn’t there.  I’ve had different bad days, and I see the effects that it has on me on different aspects of my life.  At times, I do not wish to head to class and rather stay in bed, sans the world around me.  Other times,  during any exercise that would on a normal day be nothing new, all of a sudden feels harder, my mind and heart aren’t where they’re supposed to be.  Things shouldn’t have to always be this way.

The world has become somewhat a negative place and it shows on what we decide to give attention to.  We are prone to remember negative things more often than a good one.  We are forgetful of normal days and we take for granted the good days we are given.  What’s left is to linger on the negativity and bask in a pool of somberness, right? No, wrong.

As people, we need to stop clinging to the bad things that happen to us on a daily basis, if we don’t, what’s left is an everlasting world heading towards a life of dullness.  We should take bad moments and turn them into good ones in some way, because certainly taking them in as bad will do us no good whatsoever.  Maybe you don’t need all that cream and sugar in your coffee, perhaps you getting laid off paves the way for a better job in the near future, or maybe that guy or girl you were after is totally crazy.  Putting things into different perspectives definitely can paint a more colorful picture than the black and white one that we originally paint on bad days.  Keep your head up.


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