Starting Back at One

Many times I find myself so deep within a situation or activity that I find that starting from the beginning is great. It’s a tremendous help in getting further than where I was before. The thing is that it works in many everyday situations.

Friendships and Relationships

One of the important things in life have been my friendships and relationship.  After sometime, these can become just normal to people and we tend to stop appreciating them as we once did.  The key to firing it up once more is to feel how we did the first time.  We need to remember how these special people make us feel, why we decided to have them in our lives, the reason that you tell them your problems at ungodly hours in the night.  In other words, we need to bring back that effort that made the bond so strong in the first place.

The same goes for relationships. We need to sometimes pretend we are wooing the person as when we were first trying to get their attention.  The flirting that once made the other giggle or smirk needs to reappear.  The excitement that was once there can easily reappear when we remember what made us so happy to think and want to be with the person that we can so happily now call our significant other.

Exercise and Diet

When it comes to exercise, I find myself stalling after having progressed nicely only to find myself hitting a plateau.  In these situations, depending on the exercise I set out to a accomplish, I take it a step back or from the beginning.  After increasing my mileage on my first months of running was great, but I wasn’t getting any faster and wasn’t seeing any other progress.  Instead, I dropped down the miles and tried throwing in speed workouts here and there, sprinting was my chosen workout.  Over the next few weeks of less mileage and speed workouts, my pace from my previous long runs was getting faster and the smile on my face wider.

Diet on the other hand can be the same thing.  We get too strict in our routine that it becomes mundane at times and can even be the biggest fault in our diet.  The human body is an amazing thing and we forget that at times.  From lifting hundreds of pounds to running marathons,  our body is a force to be reckoned with.  So when it comes to diet, when we continue with our food preparation routine, our body knows what we are doing.  It slows down our metabolism because it has gotten used to the same meals.  Hence why cheat meals have been suggested every now and then, to throw a curveball to our bodies to tell them “I bet you weren’t ready for this!” and plus, you get to eat something even more delicious without feeling too guilty. Eating things you used to before you changed your diet (lifestyle) every now and then is good, and helps keep us sane.


Work is a tricky one depending what exactly it is that you’re doing but we can still apply the same principle.  Whether you are just working to pay the bills or if you once loved your job, it can be applied.  “Paying the bills” as an excuse to have a job is a wonderful thing if we really look into what it means.  It means you are paying for something that is yours and doing what you can to keep it that way.  Be it a home, a car or that brand new 50-inch television you brought, you’re doing your job to keep it.  You might be even working to help your family pay the bills, in which you are helping lessen the financial burden of others in a cohesive effort.  In any case, it’s better than being broke and not having things to call yours.

If you once loved your job, then the work is cut out for you.  The initial feeling and why we received those feelings must resurface.  Whether you’re an artist, writer, salesperson or etc, at one point, this was exactly what you wanted.  Unless you’ve received interest in another job, you’re only obstacle is finding those reasons why.

And there you have it.

Most of the time it is best to stay in the present and look forward to the future.  Other times we can progress more by stepping into the past only to remember why it is we started whatever it was.  Be it a friendship, healthy lifestyle or even work life.  We tend to lose our way through routine and lessened appreciation for the things we have.  By remembering and returning to the start of those things, we can find that passion we had for them once again.

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