As I sit on my plane seat and look out the window and ponder on one thing its that all too well we are being brought up into a faster paced life.  No longer are the days where we have the quality time with people, because we now have technology that allows us to webcam them directly over the phone.  No

longer can we come home to a fully home-cooked meal because you were on the go and decided to pick up a combo at your nearest Burger King.  I’m not saying that the advancement in technology is a bad thing, on the contrary, it’s made communication faster and better than we could’ve imagined years ago. We have just come to an age where people find it difficult to relax.

We’ve seen it in the last few years, go to a restaurant, dance club, coffee shop and you’ll see people wrapped up on their phones, tablets or computers.  From work, conversations, gaming, we have strayed away from enjoying the moment. We have decided to fill the boring voids in our life by continuously checking up on social media.  Sometimes mindlessly liking pictures on Instagram because it caught even just the most minute part of our attention.  I’m to blame too, whenever I’m bored sometimes I’ll refresh my Facebook feed even if I just checked it a few minutes ago, I promise I’ve gotten better.

Lately, I’ve been trying to keep things more personal. It’s one thing to talk to a person over text than it is in person.  Over text, people are allowed a sort of wall while they can form their responses, in person, you get the raw part of conversation that leads to little to no time to really think and over think what you want to say.  Not only that, you feel the emotions and see the reactions better than you would over letters on a screen.  People are scared of the little silences during conversations in person which doesn’t happen over text. I’m trying to just live life the way it’s supposed to be lived, personally.

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