Starting Back at One

Many times I find myself so deep within a situation or activity that I find that starting from the beginning is great. It’s a tremendous help in getting further than where I was before. The thing is that it works in many everyday situations.

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Welcome to Metaphorically Drunk!

Welcome to my new blog! For those of you have stumbled upon this blog and wondering what you will be reading, fear no more!

To start off, I will explain the title of my blog. Metaphorically Drunk.  I have always been under the idea that when night comes down or when a level of exhaustion overcomes us, we are less likely to inhibit our feelings and more likely to disclose those things that on a daily basis we choose to hide from the world around us.  Resembling that of when we are literally drunk with alcohol.  My best friend, Kevin, also agreed with me about this and I’ve since then noticed it more.  Here, I will also include blogging, where we are more bound to disclose our feelings to the general public in a diary for all to see.

With this little intro out of the way. I welcome you to my personal life that includes that of eating food, running, motivation, social interactions, traveling, and family and friends. In short, the good stuff! Welcome to Metaphorically Drunk!