My Journey: First Year of Running

I always think about an aspect of my childhood to be funny in thinking about how I love to run now.  I always remember that at some point in my childhood I used to have metallic leg braces because my legs were not very strong enough for my body,  I was a big boy (hah).  While they were removed within a year, if you were to notice my legs now, you would have never thought that to be the case since they look enormous.  Sometimes I think about the beginning of Forrest Gump when he has his leg braces and runs and eventually breaks free from them.

Fast forward to the summer of 2014 and weight loss was on my mind.  I will admit that even though I weight train now on top of running,  I was one of those people who thought that cardio was the best way to lose weight the fastest.  That was basically my downfall in the beginning, I was using running as a means to an end. For the first weeks of running I was dealing with the shin splints, the exhaustion and the unhappiness of not seeing weight loss that I wanted.  I would go through 3 rounds of this at different times that would ultimately end my eagerness to run. Continue reading My Journey: First Year of Running