Starting Back at One

Many times I find myself so deep within a situation or activity that I find that starting from the beginning is great. It’s a tremendous help in getting further than where I was before. The thing is that it works in many everyday situations.

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Bad Days Are Inevitable


Days aren’t always the brightest, days come like the weather, sometimes you have sunny days or sometimes stormy ones.  It’s safe to say that by now, if you can read this, you’ve probably had bad days.  It doesn’t have to be more than one though, in my opinion.  It could start off from your morning, such as having not gotten enough sleep from the previous night.  Perhaps the barista at Starbucks gave you the wrong order and you’re in a rush to work or class or whatever the case might be.  These little events can sometimes set our mood from the very instant that they happen.  You’re in your car angry because you asked for cream and sugar and what you got was absolute black coffee.  You go on through your day and in your mind, you’re already stressed and the agitation is built up that any subsequent, maybe, minuscule event can raise the steam levels already there. Continue reading Bad Days Are Inevitable

My Journey: First Year of Running

I always think about an aspect of my childhood to be funny in thinking about how I love to run now.  I always remember that at some point in my childhood I used to have metallic leg braces because my legs were not very strong enough for my body,  I was a big boy (hah).  While they were removed within a year, if you were to notice my legs now, you would have never thought that to be the case since they look enormous.  Sometimes I think about the beginning of Forrest Gump when he has his leg braces and runs and eventually breaks free from them.

Fast forward to the summer of 2014 and weight loss was on my mind.  I will admit that even though I weight train now on top of running,  I was one of those people who thought that cardio was the best way to lose weight the fastest.  That was basically my downfall in the beginning, I was using running as a means to an end. For the first weeks of running I was dealing with the shin splints, the exhaustion and the unhappiness of not seeing weight loss that I wanted.  I would go through 3 rounds of this at different times that would ultimately end my eagerness to run. Continue reading My Journey: First Year of Running

Welcome to Metaphorically Drunk!

Welcome to my new blog! For those of you have stumbled upon this blog and wondering what you will be reading, fear no more!

To start off, I will explain the title of my blog. Metaphorically Drunk.  I have always been under the idea that when night comes down or when a level of exhaustion overcomes us, we are less likely to inhibit our feelings and more likely to disclose those things that on a daily basis we choose to hide from the world around us.  Resembling that of when we are literally drunk with alcohol.  My best friend, Kevin, also agreed with me about this and I’ve since then noticed it more.  Here, I will also include blogging, where we are more bound to disclose our feelings to the general public in a diary for all to see.

With this little intro out of the way. I welcome you to my personal life that includes that of eating food, running, motivation, social interactions, traveling, and family and friends. In short, the good stuff! Welcome to Metaphorically Drunk!