Bad Days Are Inevitable


Days aren’t always the brightest, days come like the weather, sometimes you have sunny days or sometimes stormy ones.  It’s safe to say that by now, if you can read this, you’ve probably had bad days.  It doesn’t have to be more than one though, in my opinion.  It could start off from your morning, such as having not gotten enough sleep from the previous night.  Perhaps the barista at Starbucks gave you the wrong order and you’re in a rush to work or class or whatever the case might be.  These little events can sometimes set our mood from the very instant that they happen.  You’re in your car angry because you asked for cream and sugar and what you got was absolute black coffee.  You go on through your day and in your mind, you’re already stressed and the agitation is built up that any subsequent, maybe, minuscule event can raise the steam levels already there. Continue reading Bad Days Are Inevitable

The Importance of Traveling

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As someone who has been privileged to be able to travel around the United States for the past 3 years,  the experience is incredible to travel outside your hometown.  To get out of your niche and truly wonder how the lives and way of being is in other parts of the world cannot simply be described in words.  There’s this feeling of anxiety and excitement when either boarding a plane or driving to a destination unknown.  While, yes, you may have looked up on Yelp for the best bars, restaurants, events going on , there is nothing like finally arriving and immersing yourself in something that can be so distant in character and location from what you’re used to.  You learn many things from traveling and these are lessons you cannot get from anywhere else and that a book cannot fully demonstrate.
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